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Hey, I'm Drew!

I’m a writer on a mission to help customers turn content into leads

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Here I talk about topics like: 

- How to unlock your confidence

- Challenging your capability

- Pushing past your comfort zone









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About Me

As a quiet kid, I fell in love with magic. Card manipulation and sleight of hand was a skill I rapidly developed and studied. Becoming obsessed with the exponential growth in my ability to manage, perform and captivate. My attitude, confidence and positivity skyrocketed as a result 🚀

I took these skills into my sales career. Managing relationships, up-selling and negotiating deals in a commercial environment, resulting in selling millions of pounds worth of hardware, software and services for large scale Fortune 500 companies 🏭

Transitioning to consulting work with start-ups, I found that love again for writing and marketing. But I noticed the difference in mindset, attitude and strategy to the approach of problems. Now I am helping others to understand and adopt the lessons, blueprints and methodologies I have learnt from my experience to build better brands through exceptional copywriting, design and content ✍️

P.S. Here's my favourite headshot. Even if I do look a little too serious...



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I write about a range of topics on self-development and well just anything I find interesting! Look at my most recent posts and consider subscribing to my email list to be the first to see them!


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Based in South-West London, United Kingdom.