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Here’s exactly what I did to get from 0 to 1000 followers on LinkedIn in < 30 days

So let me set the scene. It’s March 2024. 

I’d had a LinkedIn account for some time (since about 2019) but hadn’t really taken it seriously.

I had a few hundred connections from my corporate days and that was it.

So in all fairness I didn’t start from 0. Because when I switched my account to creator mode those connections became followers. 

But it didn’t really matter.

Because here’s my first genuine post when I decided I was going to take LinkedIn content creation seriously to build an audience. 

1 Like. 

So I basically started at 0 right? 

Notice the date?

February 2024. 

I posted another 15 times in Feb 2024. 

But everything started to change in March. 

Because I did 2 things. 

1 - I started posting everyday…no matter what. 

2 - I started to study LinkedIn (most importantly - its users). 

Here’s what I learnt that made the biggest difference in me getting from 0 - 1000. 

With regards to LinkedIn users, there are 3 types of user: 
1 - Inactive Users
2 - Active Consumers
3 - Active Creators

But the biggest lesson that really made a difference was that: 

The active creator is the most important user. 

Because they are the ones interacting, engaging and can capture an audience. 

So what I proceeded to do in March 2024 is: 

1 - Identify creators who were mildly successful - IE <10,000 followers
2 - Sent them a connection request
3 - Then send connection requests with EVERY person who commented on their posts

It seems unintuitive right? 

But here’s the thing: 
↳  These creators already have an audience
↳  They have credibility
↳  They want to network
↳  Because they want to sell you something lol 

Which also means: 
They will give you a lot of information in the DMs for FREE!

Once I connected with a creator. 

I sent them a message and asked them a few questions. For example: 
↳ What are the top 3 tips you have to get more engagement on the platform?
↳ How can I optimise my profile for leads? 
↳What do you wish you knew before you started? 

And guess what? 

They told me. 

Now given there was a lot of the same advice in there. 

But they all say it because it works. 

I’m going to write up a separate article/post about this so stay tuned. 

But listen, it worked. 

Slowly but surely. I began to see results.

I even reused this same image/post pretty much identically because I was interested in how it would do. Here’s what happened: 

So to be honest it wasn’t brilliant. 


Which at this point was not great in comparison to my other posts. 

But it was a big improvement. Plus the formatting and writing was definitely poorer because I’ve learnt a ton in 2 months. 

For example here are my best other posts: 

Pretty huge right? These posts exploded. 

So here are the other main key things I did to go from 0 - 1000 followers: 

1 - Engage

Literally reply to every comment and DM I received. 


Every single one. 

Because the more I did. 

The more those people kept commenting and reaching out. 

Human connection is key. 

I formed relationships with other creators. We formed a mutual respect and commented on each other's posts without asking.  

2 - Create quality content

It’s simple but I made sure my posts: 
↳ Had value in every post
↳ Spoke to one type of person with one problem 
↳ Were formatted well

And MOST IMPORTANTLY I documented my journey.

My most successful posts were ones that shared exactly these types of tips.

But also, just like this blog post:

My content is easily scannable. 

It’s digestible. And mobile friendly. 

But I showed that I’m human. 

I’m still learning. 

My most successful posts were showcasing how I did something. Not just “look at me” this is what you should do. 

But HOW. 

This was key in scaling my engagement. 

The Bottom Line

The biggest things that made a huge impact in getting from 0 - 1000 followers rapidly: 

1 - I started posting everyday…no matter what.
2 - I connected with similar < 5000 follower creators and dmed them/commented on their posts
3 - I formatted and produced scanable valuable content 
4 - I showcased my journey

So if you are looking to gain traction on LinkedIn then I hope this helped. 

Otherwise be sure to reach out if you want more details at:

 Or hey, be sure to reach out if you want to buy something from me too ;)