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This one skill will change how you approach your development.


How can you turn challenges into opportunities, and limitations into pathways to success?

We all have knowledge, skills and experience that is valuable. But the ultimate skill that can determine your success or failure is resourcefulness.

The ability to be able to overcome problems no matter the excuse will put you further ahead than most people.

The problem is you might adopt a poisonous mindset that could lead you to believe that you are not able to achieve your goals because you lack something critical.

This phenomenon known as “Imposter Syndrome” stems from various sources but can come from a crippling sense of anxiety. In my experience I’ve found that this feeling comes from direct comparison to other people. 

Not just anyone though, the top 1% of people in the industry of which I am aspiring to be like. 

I don’t have to explain the toxicity that this might cause. Yet it is so prevalent in society today. 

With social media it is easy to compare yourself to the top 1% or 0.001% of people in terms of: wealth, health and experience in any skill related field. 

The reality is that in a study done by Anders Ericsson on average you can become better than 95% of people at any discipline with just 100 hours of progressional work! Read more here.

Broken down, that equates to just 18 or so minutes a day of practice. 

So the question is can you allocate 18 minutes a day to progress towards your goal? 

But what is the secret to resourcefulness?


Don't give into Excuses

In today's age, humans have never been more comfortable. With easy access to anything you could possibly desire just a click of a button away. 

People long for comfort. This causes massive issues in modern society because as written about previously here, this is where your dreams go to die. 

So how can you not give in to the excuses that your mind will conjure up? 

The answer is simple. 

When you tell yourself you are going to do something, make sure you do it. 

Easy right? 


No matter how dedicated you start out, at some point you will slip up. 

So this is where you need to become more mindful and resourceful. 



Well think of the normal excuses that your brain will tell itself to get out of doing something: 

  • I don’t have enough time. 
  • I’m too tired. 
  • I’m too busy. 
  • I don’t have enough money to do that. 
  • I’m ill, I can't. 


Sounds familiar right? 

Well what do all of these excuses have in common?

Time, money, and willpower. Which are all resources within your control to utilize.

Realistically, if you really wanted it hard enough, you would set time, money, and energy aside to achieve it. 

So maybe you just don’t want it enough?


The Bottom Line

Remember you are in charge of your actions. No-one is coming to save you. You don’t have to be a genius, you don’t have to have it all figured out, but you do have to take steps to progress. 

So if you can identify what you want to improve, and can become more resourceful to prioritise the development of those skills, in just 100 hours you could be better than 95% of the world at that discipline. 

That's all for this one, catch you in the next!