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Why you should stop consuming content and start creating it.

contentThe average daily social media usage worldwide is around 145 minutes per day, with some regions significantly exceeding this figure. In the UK it's around two hours spent consuming content passively per day.

So why does it matter? 

As alluded to in previous articles, we truly live in an information age, your data diet is as important these days as exercise and sleep for your mindset and attitude toward life. So why should you shift from consumption to creation? 

1. Advanced Development

When you create content, whether it's writing, video production, or art, you're engaging in a deeper level of understanding and skill development. This will inevitably lead to you developing your knowledge of your chosen topic even more. 

2. Skill Development

Alongside advancing your knowledge, you also develop new skillsets within your chosen methodology of content creation. This is the true benefit of creating. You will learn how to build, manage and publish content.

A common problem I believe is that people idolize and focus too much on end results. Of course, it is good to have goals and to achieve them, but the end result is the trophy or the prize you get for putting in the work. 

We should instead focus on how we can progress. Building our skillset to be able to play in the championship competition, rather than focus on winning the trophy. 

You have to attain the skills to play in the championship game to even stand a chance of winning it! 

Think about your goals, how can you personally develop positive habits that get you closer to achieving  your goals? 

Progression. That's what you should focus on. 

3. Personal Branding

For professionals and entrepreneurs, creating content is an invaluable tool for building a personal brand. According to a Kinsta study, only 1% of users create content on LinkedIn. With close to a Billion users on LinkedIn, this shows you the huge opportunity to grow your personal brand. 

Final Thoughts

Consuming content is unavoidable. It has it's own merits of course, helping you relax and reset whilst watching the new episode of your favourite show on Netflix or to develop your knowledge and learn about a new topic online for example. But creating content opens more doors than consuming ever could, you not only contribute to the vast landscape of information but also unlock personal growth, learning, and potential career opportunities.

The power to build something, I believe is in our nature. So take that first step, I bet you will learn something about yourself or find out something new that fascinates you.