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Are you struggling to convert?

Do you focus all your time on outbound leads?

I’m guessing that’s why you’re here! 

What you need is:

  • An evaluation of your marketing funnel(s): brand, copy and design.
  • Help creating more attractive and better converting landing pages.
  • Effective content to build your brand and generate inbound leads.



You've probably decided to focus on building your personal brand too right...?


But you need to streamline your funnel to monetize effectively and are struggling with the workload and direction?

Well that’s where I come in. 


Here’s what I do: 

  • Create scroll stopping content that builds attention for you or your brand
  • Help you optimise your profile to attract high-quality inbound leads
  • Build you a community of raving fans through effective valuable content

And I know because when I first started posting: 


I heard crickets. 

Had 0 engagement. Genuinely none.



But I began studying and emulating top creators.

And slowly, people started noticing me. Here's how my performance changed in just 30 days



Hi, I’m Drew! 👋

I’m a writer and marketing funnel specialist that focuses on helping founders and brands create: 

  • Effective Content: that fills the top of the funnel and generates inbound leads. 
  • Attractive Designs: that are authentic and helps build trust with customers. 
  • Great Copy: that optimises your funnel for the desired action. 




circle headshot

So If you are:

  • Struggling to build inbound leads through content
  • Consistently posting but seeing no traction 
  • Frustrated by the hours spent on posts that go unnoticed

And instead you aspire to:

  • Break through the noise and captivate your audience
  • Build a LinkedIn following quickly without enduring 12 months of trial and error
  • Craft posts that captivate and generate inbound leads

Then let’s talk and dominate together ✅


1. When will I get the results?

Can you cook like Gordan Ramsey by taking cooking classes for 4 weeks?


So don't expect to add 100,000 followers by writing for and posting for 4 weeks

Consistency is key. We'll work on analysing and improving as we go but I know you’ll be amazed by the results. 


2. Will these work for MY niche? 

Heck yeah. The frameworks we'll implement are fully customizable + are soaked in psychological and conversion principles. Plus the content we'll work on will be A+. So I know given consistency we'll see results.


3. Still unsure? 

That's cool! Let's discuss what information or support you need to feel more confident in your decision-making process. Drop me a line or meeting link at: